• October 22, 2012

    Why Are Abbotsford Residents Subsidizing Development & Other Water Users?

    In my last blog post, I explained why I’m concerned with the water rates charged to residents. These rates appear to be excessive, unjustified, and unsustainable and collectively represent many millions of dollars. This post explains what the City did with the money that was collected from residents.

    The surplus funds have been used to subsidize two main groups.  The first group is the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Agricultural sectors, more commonly referred to as the ICI sector.  These groups pay a water rate much less than the rate paid by residents.  The residential rate is $1.15 m3, while the ICI rate ranges between $0.69 & $0.92 m3.  Since water is a basic life necessity, a common rate should be charged to all users since the cost of water is the same regardless of who uses it.   The second group that receives a subsidy from the residential… Continue Reading

  • October 03, 2012

    Are Residents Being Overcharged For Water – You Be The Judge!

    Many residents were upset to learn that their water bills were projected to rise from an average of $349 per year to $550 per year – a 58% increase – if the Stave Lake Project was approved. This was on top of unprecedented increases over the previous 5 years.

    In 2007, residential water rates were $0.64 per cubic meter (m3).  In 2012, rates had risen to $1.15/m3, an increase of 80%. This is an unacceptable increase at a time when inflation was less than 10%. Residents are diligently working to conserve water and overall volumes have steadily declined since 2007. Instead of being rewarded for reducing their water consumption, residents received higher and higher water bills. The City’s cost to provide all of the water it used in 2011 is approximately $0.69/m3.  When the total volume is reduced because of water lost to leakage, required for firefighting, and consumed… Continue Reading

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