• November 30, 2012

    What Should Our Water Rates Be?

    A year ago, Abbotsford voters decidedly defeated the proposed Stave Lake project. Although there are many reasons for the defeat, one of them was discontent with increased water rates and the tiered water rate structure.

    Residential water rates increased between 2007 and 2011 by 77% at the lowest of the 3 tiered rate structure. Consumption at the third tier (91 + m3), suffered a 250% increase.  Most residents saw the tiered rate increases as excessive, unfair and unacceptable.  What was less known was the Industrial, Commercial, Industrial (ICI), and Agriculture (AG) sectors water rates. Although residential tiered water rates were discarded by Council in March, 2012, the ICI and AG water rates were not changed, even though the rate charged to the highest tiered (over 100,001 m3), ICI customers were billed at $0.69 per m3… Continue Reading

  • November 16, 2012

    New Water Issue Surfaces

    In my August 15, 2012 Blog posting, I noted that finding a new water source wasn’t the real challenge facing our water system. Instead, the real issue was Hydraulic Capacity, i.e., the City’s water delivery system is not adequately sized to deliver all of the water that is currently available from various existing sources.

    Now that Abbotsford and Mission Council’s have jointly agreed that the requirements for a new water source is at least 20 plus years away (based on the past 5 years consumption data), you can imagine my surprise when I learned that there is another major issue facing the City’s water system – the need to replace existing Asbestos Concrete (“AC”) waterline pipe.  Staff report that this type of pipe is reaching the end of its useful life and, as it does, is prone to failure.   Neither of these two issues (Hydraulic Capacity and AC waterline replacements), were mentioned during… Continue Reading

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