Stick to the issues and stop with the fuzzification, already

If you want to lead in Abbotsford, stick to the issues. Don’t disrespect the electorate and distract them with things that are either false or irrelevant. That’s not fair to them. The people of Abbotsford deserve to hear us – mayoral and council candidates alike – bang back-and-forth on the issues, not on alarmist allegations without foundation.

If you know me, even if you don’t support my bid for mayor, you know the recent allegations in articles on a certain pseudo-news site are hit-pieces disguised as news stories that bear hysterical headlines. If you don’t know me, and you are wondering what all the recent hoopla is about, then please read this Abbotsford News article; I believe it will, in the words of the late Allan Fotheringham, de-muddify the fuzzification.

Update: Thanks to the organizers,  audience, and my fellow candidates for a successful mayoral all-candidates forum at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium last night.