Abbotsford’s Economic Development Department: Nimble and dynamic

In early 2015, Abbotsford City Council approved a ‘fusion’ model for Economic Development for the City of Abbotsford that combines the key advantages of both an in-house and arms-length model of economic development.

This model enables the City of Abbotsford’s Economic Development Department to be nimble and dynamic, while it remains embedded in the daily operations of the City as a direct report to the City Manager’s office. 

The model provides the City of Abbotsford with ultimate flexibility — we have the opportunity to work toward the needs of our business community and focus on the creation of jobs, as well as ensure that economic development as a function remains woven into the very fabric of our City operations. Yes, Council sets policies for the department, but it also remains engaged in the internal advisory committee, which in turn develops a strong relationship and alignment between Council, City staff, and industry.

We have already seen how effective the City can be in engaging our business community at a leadership level. For example, the City has formed sector-specific advisory groups that gather grassroots intel and guide direction that enables our economic development staff to align their initiatives to meet industry needs and create that very important linkage to the private sector. 

I look forward to continuing to share with you more of the exciting initiatives the City is undertaking to support economic development in Abbotsford!

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