Drones and UAVs in Abbotsford: Stay Safe and Legal

The Abbotsford International Airport (YXX) and Abbotsford City Council reminds you that for safety sake operators of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and drones to be aware of regulations and no fly zones prior to taking flight.

Transport Canada regulates UAVs and drone use in all communities across the country:

  • UAV operators need to be at least 9km away from any airport, heliport, or aerodrome. The diagram below provides an aerial map of the 9km radius around the Abbotsford International Airport. Further safety information can be found from Transport Canada including a quick reference guide:
  • Weight restrictions apply to all UAVs
  • Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs) are required for all UAV (commercial use) operations, but not for a model aircraft (recreational use) less than 35kg.

No fly zone surrounding Abbotsford International Airport:

Transport Canada’s infographic for DOs and DON’Ts of safe and legal drone flight:

For more information on flying drones safely and legally, please visit the Transport Canada website.