George Ferguson And Dave Kandal Give Nod To Henry Braun, Abbotsford’s Voice For Mayor

October 7, 2014


Two Former Mayors See Eye-to-Eye in Nominating Henry Braun

(ABBOTSFORD, B.C.) – At 9:15 a.m. on Oct. 6, Henry Braun filed his nomination papers at Abbotsford City Hall under the witness of City Clerk, Bill Flitton. Two Abbotsford icons and former area mayors, George Ferguson and Dave Kandal, signed his nomination papers, giving Braun the nod to run for mayor.

In 1995, the two former mayors, Ferguson and Kandal, were involved in the successful amalgamation of the District of Abbotsford and the Distract of Matsqui to form the City of Abbotsford. With their legacy ingrained in the history of Abbotsford’s growth in agriculture, business, education, and athletics, both see eye-to-eye in nominating Henry Braun for mayor.

George and I share many of the same values: open and transparent government and fiscal accountability,” Henry Braun stated, when asked about his endorsements. “George is someone who believes we are servants of the people, not masters of the people—a view I also hold.”