Highway 1, skilled labour, industrial land: Discussions with BC Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Mayor Henry Braun of Abbotsford and BC MLA, Hon. Bruce Ralston meet to discuss skilled labour, Highway 1 + industrial land.

On Monday this week, The Hon. Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology and MLA for Surrey-Whalley visited Abbotsford City Hall, where we discussed three major topics:

  1. Skilled labour
    Abbotsford is currently experiencing an unprecedented demand for qualified, skilled workers – the highest of any municipality south of the Fraser River. The City of Abbotsford is currently developing a Workforce Development Strategy in response to the feedback we received through the Abbotsford Business Walks 2017 Report and we welcome provincial support for our programs that will benefit our entire region.
  1. Highway 1
    The continuation of Trans-Canada Highway improvements to the Whatcom Road interchange, which will include a new overpass, is economically and socially significant for both Abbotsford and the region because these improvements to this key transportation corridor will expand markets for our community’s important local sectors (manufactured goods, agri-food, aerospace), while it supports thousands of residents in accessing employment across the region. It will also help
    –> bolster continued success of our Abbotsford International Airport,
    –> reduce greenhouse gas emissions as it encourages movement, not idling during full-stops, and
    –> support increased public safety through the reduction of traffic congestion.
  1. Industrial land
    Abbotsford needs more industrial land to support job growth, business expansion, and enterprise retention.