Open, transparent, accountable government: My 2017 expenses

2017 Expenses: Abbotsford Mayor, Henry Braun

During the November 2011 municipal election, I promised the people of Abbotsford I would support open, transparent, and accountable government and would apply that same principle to my expenses as an individual member of Abbotsford City Council. In other words, whatever taxpayer money I spent would be open to the public for review and comment. I have not wavered on this.

Here are my expenses for 2017. Please scroll down to catch up with my previous years’ disclosures.

Henry Braun, Mayor of Abbotsford: 2017 Expenses

Expenses for

And if you’re interested, you can see the final tally of campaign contributions (corporate and individual) and expenses from my 2014 campaign for mayor at this link: Dollars & Doners: The Final Tally.

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