Some of our bylaws are not perfect so go ahead and help Abbotsford City Council improve them

The City of Abbotsford has more than 150 bylaws, many of which were created more than a decade ago. And although City Council reviews and updates bylaws fairly regularly, not all of them fully reflect current community perspectives. That’s why Council will systematically review our bylaws and policies to (a) modernize them and (b) ensure Council provides the best direction to staff in our current 2015-18 Strategic Plan.

I may not like or even agree with every clause of every bylaw on the City of Abbotsford’s books (and I’m pretty sure most of my fellow members of City Council can find exception to a bylaw … or two), but just because I don’t like (or even necessarily agree with) a bylaw, that doesn’t mean I may disregard it. Municipal bylaws are no different than any other law of the land, which means they must go through a legislated process in order to be changed.

Yes, I may voice my concern about it. Yes, I may publicly challenge it. And yes, I may work to change it.

But times change (as do people) and new information comes to light. When that happens, there is a process within our local government system for us to look at changing a bylaw.

So if you have concerns about a bylaw, if you think a bylaw needs to be changed or updated, engage in the process by voicing your thoughts. City Council welcomes feedback from the people we serve. At the same time, we’d love to hear from you when you are pleased with City initiatives; after all, like you, we enjoy hearing when things are going well.

Bottom line: When we respect the process, we maintain a stable environment and strong framework within which we can affect change and govern effectively.

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