The Water Debate Continues

The Stave Lake Water Project continues to be a ‘hot button’ issue. I attended Monday’s Regular Meeting of Council. The meeting began with a delegation presentation that was punctuated with a host of questions about the project.

Some were good, and others were more statements of opinion than helpful in shedding light on what is a complex issue. Numerous people, including the media representatives, have asked me about my position on this “hot button” issue. How will I vote in the referendum – yes or no? I understand that I owe this important issue more than an ill-informed reaction. I owe the topic and you a considered response.

It would be easy to take a position and state an opinion. However, I have long been a believer in the proverb, “better to stand silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove any doubt.” When my family immigrated to Canada in 1953, I knew very little about very little. I watched my father as he listened. He listened to gain understanding, and in the process gained wisdom. Using my father as an example, I continue to gather facts and information. It is my hope that in the process I will gain a better understanding and wisdom. I will come to a conclusion shortly and communicate it as clearly, carefully and concisely as possible.