Transparent City Government: Collective Agreements and Employment Contracts

Staff salaries and benefits make-up approximately 50 – 52 per cent of the City of Abbotsford’s operating budget. The terms and conditions of these salaries and benefits are clearly articulated in collective agreements and employment contracts. 

You want to know how 50% of your tax dollars are spent

But employment contracts and collective agreements are not secret and the public should have ready access to them so they can understand how their tax dollars are spent.

When this information is not readily available, trust in government is jeopardized because it can be construed that politicians do not want to be accountable for their decisions.

At present, this information is not accessible on the City of Abbotsford’s websiteAs your mayor, I will work with council to ensure that all employee collective and contractual agreements are easy to access on the City’s website.

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